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Thailand Hotels: Setting Standards

Thailand is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world. With its breath-taking natural beauty, ancient temples, mouth-watering cuisine and comfortable accommodation options, Thailand has truly become a traveler’s paradise. The kingdom of Thailand has lovely hotels and resorts to provide visitors world-class hospitality. The Thailand hotels are successfully catering to the needs of even the most discerning traveler. They are creating standards for themselves. The Thailand accommodation options are well known for their warm hospitality and friendly services.

One of the world-class hotels in Thailand is the Nirvana Place Hotel. The hotel is situated between Jomtien and Pattaya, overlooking the clear azure waters of the Gulf of Siam. This 5-star Nirvana Place Hotel has cozy rooms, with a wide array of facilities and services. Travelers can choose from the decorated one and two bedroom luxury boutique suites to stay in style and elegance. The dining and recreational facilities in this hotel are satisfying.

Anantara Resort & Spa Golden Triangle, located in Chiang Rai is one of the finest accommodation options in Thailand. This resort offers privacy, luxury, comfort and tranquility to all its guests. The rooms are elegantly decorated and come with a wide range of in-room amenities. This Anantara Resort & Spa Golden Triangle is a perfect hillside retreat, away from regular hustle-bustle of city life.

In Bangkok, tourists will get the Amari Boulevard Hotel to reside in. This luxury hotel of Thailand is set on the Sukhumvit Road area, which is one of the city’s most lovely destinations. The hotel is comfortable, convenient and is well-known for its personalized services and friendly behavior. The Amari Boulevard Hotel features varied and modern amenities to make you feel comfortable and nice.

Among the famous Thailand hotels, one can stay in Best Western Ban Ao Nang Resort. The resort is located in Krabi in southern Thailand. The location of this Best Western Ban Ao Nang Resort is simply great, with Ao Nang Bay and beach within a walking distance. This resort offers convenience to leisure and business travelers alike.

The Serene Hill Boutique Health Resort and Spa is situated in Koh Samui, one of the popular tourist destinations in Thailand. With its central location, the resort is within easy reach from major tourist attractions and business centers in Koh Samui. The resort is known for its tranquil settings and cordial services.

There are also many budget hotels for the budget-conscious travelers. One of the nice budget hotels in Thailand is the Club Coconut Resort Hotel in Phuket. Club Coconut Resort Hotel offers peaceful accommodation coupled with word-class hospitality and friendly services.

Another good budget hotel is Anyavee Railay Resort Hotel, located in Krabi. The resort is located at a short distance from the famous Railay East beach in Krabi. The property offers peace and tranquility and user-friendly services. Travelers can easily reach this hotel from the Krabi airport.

Tour Krabi For A Relaxing Vacation

Located roughly 800 kilometers south of Bangkok and 65 kilometers northeast of Phuket, Krabi is one of the Thailand’s most enchanting destinations. Sprawling over an area of about 4705 square kilometers, Krabi is a province, placed on the Strait of Malacca, and is bordered by Surathani and Phang Nga to the north, the Andaman Sea to the south and the west, and Nakorn Si Thammarat and Trang provinces to the east.

With its unbeatable natural scenery, mysterious caves, lush green forested hills, rubber and palm plantations, unspoilt beaches, and well-organized infrastructure system, Krabi has now become one of the most sought after destinations in the world.

Many of the visitors, especially the Scandivians, touring Thailand spend majority of their times in Krabi. During the winter as well as Christmas, many westerners including Europeans flock here to escape from the extremely cold climate of their home country, since Krabi maintains its mild sunny weather even during the coldest months.

Krabi boasts of some of the best beaches in Thailand. No matter you want to relax, or to engage in a number of fun-filled as well as adventure activities, or just to take a stroll to savor the incredibility of the surroundings, Krabi’s beaches render all that a visitor would really want to have.

Most popular among the beaches in the destination are Ao Nang Beach, which is a paradise for enjoying such water sport activities as scuba diving, trekking, and kayaking; Railay Beach, which serves as an excellent spot for wannabee rock climbers.

Pra Nang Beach, which is a great destination for snorkeling and canoeing; Klong Muang Beach – a perfect destination to take a moonlight stroll as well as to enjoy excellent dining; and Nopparat Thara Beach, a scenic beach fringed with casuarina trees, which is popular among picnickers. In deed, with these incredible beaches, Krabi is a mecca of water sport activities. Apart from these, Krabi is home to more than 200 islands, Phi Phi Don Island, Phi Phi Lay Island, Koh Taleng Beng, Koh Lanta Yai, and Mu Koh Hah being the prominent.

However, attractions in Krabi are not just restricted to its beaches and islands. But, before discussing about other attractions in the region, it is important that you should have clear idea on each district of the region. The province of Krabi is made up of eight amphoes or districts including Amphoe Mueang, Khao Phanom, Ko Lanta, Nuea Khlong, Ao Luk, Lam Thap, Khlong Thom, and Plai Phraya, each of which comes with an array of sights.

Amphoe Mueang is home to such incredible attractions as Khao Khanap Nam, 100 meters high hill that rise from the water; Tham Sua, otherwise known as Tiger Cave; Tham Sadet, which is a gorgeous cave with unique stalagmites and stalactites; and Fossil Shell Beach.

Most popular among the attractions in Amphoe Khao Phanom is Kho Phanom Bencha National Park, occupying an area of about 50 square kilometers and covering some regions of Amphoe Ao Luk, Amphoe Khao Phanom, and Amphoe Muang. Some of the highlights of the park are Namtok Huai To, Namtok Huai Sa-de, and Namtok Khlong Haeng.

Perhaps the first attraction that comes into your mind when you hear about Amphoe Ko Lanta is Mu Ko Lanta National Park, which consists of several islands. Ko Lanta Yai is the park’s main island. Included in the attractions of Amphoe Ao Luk is Than Bokkhorani National Park, which is about 45 kilometers from the downtown Krabi. Few among the attractions in Amphoe Khlong Thorn are Wat Khlong Thorn Museum, Namtok Hin Phoeng, Thung Teao, and Namtok Ron.

In short, no matter you are a history buff, spiritual traveler, sightseer, or adventure lover, Krabi has something for everyone. Understanding the tremendous increase in the number of travelers year after year, a large number of accommodation options have been developed here, of which many of them are five star and three star facilities.

An array of options is also available for budget conscious travelers. Just browse through the internet and you can easily find a number of choices, from which you select an option according to your taste and budget. Many of the hotels provide facilities to make bookings online. All you have to do is to inform them your likes and preferences, and rest they will take care.

Top 10 Things to Do and See in Krabi Thailand

With so many activities that are perfect for the whole family to enjoy, Krabi has framed itself as a laid-back resort destination where the emphasis falls on comfort and relaxation instead of on high-energy parties. The natural landscape is accentuated by limestone outcroppings known as karsts that pop up all over the countryside. With abundant plant life and beautiful coral reefs, there’s plenty to explore while you’re staying here.

Exploring the archipelago

One of the most remarkable ways to experience the limestone rock formations and spectacular beaches is to take a daytrip from one island to another. Many tour guides offer organised daytrips to the highlights of the archipelago, which are worth it and a chance to break away from the crowds of the mainland resort. For the more independent explorer, sea kayaks can be rented for trips out to some of the nearest small islands. A boat day trip to Phi Phi is a must too!

Than Bok Khoranie National Park

If you have a tent and would like a place to set up camp, consider heading out to Than Bok Khorani National Park, a secluded place with no concrete accommodation but an abundance of plant species culminating in a very picturesque pond surrounded by gardenias and apocynaceae. The park also boasts several limestone caves and some lovely mangrove forests. Many visit on a day trip from Phuket.

Rock climbing

Many rock climbing outfitters in Krabi also give lessons at various skill levels to help you improve your rock climbing abilities. The limestone cliffs and unique stone formations have helped Krabi carve out a global reputation among rock climbing circles. Ton Sai is the first stop for most climbers, as it’s the most frequented climbed spot in the area. Other climbing outings to more secluded areas are easily arranged with the help of climbing outfitters.

Koh Lanta Marine National Park

The sea gypsies, or Chai Leh, still live and work on the island of Koh Lanta—now a marine national park. For centuries they have practiced their own form of spirit worship and spoken their own distinct language. This island also has the region’s standard fare of beautiful beaches, unique rock formations and stunning coral reefs for exploration. Some of the rainforest on this island is virtually untouched and remains protected. Visitors can rent bungalows and stay a while. It’s also connected to Phi Phi island by ferry.

Shell Fossil Cemetery

Thirty five million years ago, the site of Ban Laem Pho Cape was an enormous freshwater swamp that hosted millions of small snails. The remains of these creatures formed a fossilised composite that has grown almost 16 inches thick. This huge slab has become one of Krabi’s most popular attractions and can be reached via a 10-mile drive from the town of Krabi.

Krabi nightlife

Ao Nang Beach resort area is the primary tourist hub of Krabi, with Krabi Town itself not offering a whole lot to out-of-towners except for a glimpse of everyday life for the locals. While not quite as exciting as Phuket, in the resort area you’ll find bars and restaurants whose doors remain open past midnight, though you’ll be hard-pressed to find any exhilarating parties or discotheques. Instead, this is a more family-oriented holiday spot with some nice restaurants and a relaxed, quiet atmosphere.

Scuba diving

The official diving season in Krabi is from November to Mach, though the conditions are hospitable all year round and divers are here at every time of the year. Snorkelling is also a great way to get a view of the coral reefs. Diving companies on the mainland can get you certified as a diver and will also arrange diving trips out to all of the best reefs in the surrounding area. The diving at Phi Phi is especially good.


Bikes can be rented in the Ao Nang resort area, and a cycling loop that heads out of town guides cyclist through the limestone rock formations that dot the landscape. The road curves through old villages and groves of coconut trees, and riders can stretch this spectacular route into as much as 15 or 20 miles of biking.

Railay Beach

Railay Beach may be the region’s most unique coastal area, with its crescent shaped coastline that’s cut off from the mainland by huge outcroppings of rock. Only accessible by boat, you can charter a vessel to drop you off for a daytrip to Phra Nang, a sacred enshrined cave, or for an overnight stay in one of the resorts that lay claim to these peaceful beaches. Even the beaches at Phuket don’t even compete!

Daytrip to Wat Tham Seua

Wat Tham Seua is the largest temple in Krabi, and its name means Tiger Cave Temple. It’s literally tucked into the limestone cliffs of Ao Luk Thanu mountain range, and the Buddhist monks that live and worship here do so in the caves themselves. The highlight of this temple is ‘Buddha’s footprint’, located at the summit of a 1,272-step climb, a point that affords wonderful views of the countryside spreading in every direction.

Villas In Krabi, Luxury Holidays At Thailands Andaman Sea

Krabi is a province of astonishing beauty, with spectacular views over the Andaman Sea and the closest coastal access to the Koh Hong island group, and the more famous Koh Phi Phi island. The province is largely ignored however by vacationers on luxury holidays in Thailand as Phuket is a short distance away and more notorious for it’s luxury villas and condos.

Luxury villas are operating in Krabi, with all the amenities and service a guest would expect from the more developed Phuket, but with greatly reduced prices to reflect the seclusion and access of many of them. For a guest seeking isolation and total relaxation Krabi is a perfect place to come for your luxury holiday in Thailand.

The accommodation that has been built along the coast of Krabi province and islands off the coast such as Koh Lanta all share the same characteristics: private, luxurious and self-contained. Most have direct access to the beach and with spas, pools, restaurants and even shops, there is no need for guests ever to leave the confines of the villa area. Many villas offer personal chefs and maids to attend to your needs throughout the day, and drivers to shuttle you around should you wish to explore.
All of which is perfect for people who want a quiet, luxury break or an escape from the usual holiday crowd. Those who prefer not to stay around the pool being pampered for two weeks should definitely consider hiring a car or motorbike to explore the rest of the region.

As all the Krabi villas are located directly on the shore, with only indirect public access, the beaches are effectively private, for the use only of the resorts’ clients.

Krabi has something for everyone, whether you are an active sportsperson, or a lazy beach bum. Its stunning scenery provides adventure in the form of rock climbing and kayaking, as well as pure relaxation with island hopping tours and laidback beach life.

Underwater enthusiasts will love the diving and snorkeling in Krabi’s warm coastal waters, while nature lovers can visit elephant camps and explore the diverse flora and fauna in the national parks. There are also plenty of outdoor sports available, including fishing, golf and mountain biking.

After all that action, you can be pampered in one of Krabi’s many spas, where you can try out a Thai massage, or visit the natural outdoor Jacuzzis at the Klong Thom hot springs site.

Immerse yourself in local culture with Thai cookery lessons or a visit to the famous Tiger cave temple with its spectacular mountain-top shrine. All of these activities can be arranged by the impeccable service on offer at some of the most unique Asian villas available.

These stunning Villa rentals are on a par with anything in Asia, yet very few people have a chance to experience them as they head to the more famous villas in Phuket and Samui.

For the more adventurous, or for those who have experienced the best of Phuket and Samui, Luxury villas in Krabi can offer something new and exciting for guests on vacation in Thailand.

Choosing Thailand As Vacation Destination

Offering some of the world’s finest luxury holiday accommodation, Thailand provides the ultimate getaway for you and your family. Luxury villas are fitted out to the highest standard. Aimed at the discerning traveller who needs flexibility of movement away from the holiday crowds, many property owners will help customers construct a holiday that allows them to move at their own pace. Exploring or relaxing, our clients are able to enjoy the delights of Asia.

Offering a staggering array of activities, Thailand is firmly established as the Asian destination of choice, the infrastructure is such that traveling the length and breadth of the country is easy, cheap fast and reliable. Vacationers’ minds are put at ease with world class hospitals, extremely low crime and amenities to match any country in the world. From Bangkok, guests are spoiled for choice when it comes to luxury villas for rent. Stunning locations are within hours of the capitol making weekend breaks very popular these days, High flying professionals can fly in from Hong Kong and be relaxing beside their private pool a their Thailand villa in no time, and enjoying the Thai pace of life.

Thailand Villas are attaining a global reputation for luxury, quality and value. Luxury villas in Phuket are on the same level or above of anything anywhere in the world, and regularly feature in magazines and newspapers as promoted as the peak of living. When choosing a luxury villa guests must decide whether they want solitude or a more hectic atmosphere with hustle and bustle of street markets and beach activities. Luxury villas on the east coast offer the kind of peace and quiet that is more akin to Samui or Krabi. There is a sense of remoteness here, with traditional Thai fishing villages, and quiet serene beaches dotted along the coast.

It is not just the luxury villas that people are drawn too. The Andaman coast is certainly one of the most striking areas, and Phuket is famous for its beauty and wealth of attractions. Southern Thailand stands apart from the rest of the country as being more tropical. It has the highest rainfall, giving a deeper green to the vegetation, while the geological make up of sheer limestone formations adds drama to the landscape.

Thailand also has a reputation as a golfing paradise with a wealth of world class courses that have attracted many of the best pros over the years – including American-Thai Tiger Woods. Thailand frequently stages the Johnnie Walker Super Tour and other Asian classics attracted by the excellent course facilities and clubroom accommodation found across the kingdom. These are all available to our customers and despite the top-notch conditions a first-class round of golf is possible for about US$60 to US$70.

The six provinces along the Western coast are characterized by the Andaman sea which has numerous excellent coral reefs making it a paradise for divers. The water is warm year round and so is always comfortable to swim in. The Similan islands are rated amongst the top dive destinations in the world as are the climbing sites in Krabi province meaning that vacationers will never be bored with what is on offer.

Krabi Holiday At The Pimalai Resort And Spa Koh Lanta Thailand

A Krabi Holiday at the Pimalai Resort and Spa Koh Lanta, Krabi really begins at Krabi pier after your long international flight when you catch the hotels cruiser that will take you to Lanta Yai.Pimalai is spectacular and the view of Ba Kan Tiang Bay is simply amazing, and you will already be glad you have picked this hotel in Krabi for your Thai Holidays, and that will be even before properly arriving!!.Luxury is the keyword here which is why the Pimalai has a reputation as one of the top resorts and spas to be found in Thailand, and absolutely right for a Thailand Honeymoon.There are a number of one bedroom suites, and these Pavilion Suites have 110 square metres of living space, and then there are the two bedroom Pavilion Suites measuring 170 square metres.All accommodation units are beautifully furnished with the TV/DVD/CD systems you would expect in a world class resort.Spice and Rice restaurant is very elegant and air-conditioned, offering Thai cuisine.As you would expect there is a pool bar and a lobby bar, and food in the restaurants is good, plus the fact there is enough variety not to let you get boredThe Spa is a great experience, not to be missed and is especially geared to couples which is one of the reasons it is such a great place for a Thailand Honeymoon.If you ar interested in more reviews about Thai Hotels go to

Hotel Market – Looking Toward the End of 2007

Total tourist arrivals to Thailand increased by only 2.3% in the first eight months of 2007, compared to the first eight months of 2006. The resort hotel markets performed well, but Bangkok suffered with lower occupancy rates, according to the latest CB Richard Ellis’ Thai hotel report. More hotels are being built in both Bangkok and the resort markets. Investors and international hotel operators remain positive about the long term prospects for the Thai tourism market despite recent weaker performance.

The number of tourist arrivals increased to 9.59 million in the first eight months of 2007 up from 9.37 million during the same period of time in 2006. European arrivals grew by 14.3% in the first six months of 2007. East Asian arrivals were down by 3.9% and South Asian increased by 10.5% during the same period last year.

Thailand has been successful in attracting visitors from some new markets. The number of visitors from Russia increased to 139,000 in the first six months, a 51% increase year-on-year. India is now a growing market with about 265,000 visitors in the first six months, an increase of 14% from the same period last year. Middle East arrivals were also up 20% on a year-on-year basis.

There were weaknesses in other markets. Visitors from Malaysia dropped by 12%, Japan by 7%, and China by 18%. China is one of Asia’s fastest growing markets with 37 million Chinese expected to travel overseas this year. In the first six months, Thailand only attracted about 2% of the total Chinese overseas travellers.

“We expect that overall occupancy rates for Bangkok’s four and five star hotels will only be 70% in 2007 compared to 75% in 2006,” said Mr. Navaphol Viriyakunkit, head of Research Services at CB Richard Ellis Thailand. The reasons for low occupancy rates have been political uncertainties, the New Year’s Eve bombings and a weak economy.

The average room rate for four and five star hotels in Bangkok has increased slightly in Baht terms by 2% year-on-year, but the appreciation of Thai Baht against the US dollar has increased the rate in US dollar terms by more than 10% from last year. It is likely that rate will hit $170 per night at the end of 2007 compared to about $158 at present. Some hotel operators are going to change their contract rates from dollars into baht because of the appreciating currency. A typical hotel in the luxury (five to six star) category will have an average daily room rate (ADR) of over THB5,500 a night, while ADRs of first-class (four star) hotels ranged THB4,500-5,500.

CB Richard Ellis projects that more than 2,000 new four and five star hotel rooms will be completed in Bangkok in 2008, raising the supply by 24% from 2007. Major hotel developments that are due next year include Centara Grand at CentralWorld, The Regent Bangkok and Sofitel Sukhumvit Bangkok. Competition is expected to increase throughout 2008.

In Bangkok, serviced apartments are also competing with hotels and many offer daily rates. The total supply of serviced apartments is expected to top 10,000 units at the end of 2007, and exceed 12,000 units in 2008. The increase in supply will mean that more serviced apartments look for daily guests, increasing the competition with hotels.

International hotel operators want to establish their brands in Thailand not only in Bangkok but also in resort locations such as Phuket, Krabi, Phang-nga and Samui. Starwood has announced that they will operate a St. Regis hotel in Bangkok and W hotels in Bangkok and Koh Samui.

CB Richard Ellis believes that growth in international hotel operators will be positive for Thailand by both raising the quality of the total hotel supply, and harnessing the marketing power of the international operators to attract visitors to Thailand.

There will continue to be rising competition in the Asian tourist markets. India and Vietnam are new competitors attracting rising numbers of visitors. Thailand has had continued success in Europe and new markets such as Russia, India and the middle east, but has suffered set backs in the East Asian markets, particularly the fast growing Chinese market.

Thailand Travel 10 Tips

1. Koh Chang – Don’t stop at only Koh Chang because Koh Mak, Koh Kood and Islands surrounding Koh Chang also have more beautiful beaches and water.

2. Chiang Mai – Try to find hotels outside of the city such as on Hangdong – Samoeng and Samoeng – Sankamphaeng routes because there are better views and hotels along the mentioned route are less expensive than the hotel in the city with the same standard. The true nature of northern Thailand can also be experienced.

3. Phuket – Don’t pay too much attention to sea-view rooms because the limitation in space. The sea could not be seen directly from rooms in most hotels. The tourist should pay more attention to the standard of the hotel and the distance from the beach.

4. Koh Samui – If you have limited fund, the best way to travel to Koh Samui is by speed boat from Lomprayah Catamaran Company. Lomprayah offers less expensive service than taxi for hire and service provided by the hotel directly. Nevertheless, if you have no problem with fund, you should hire a taxi because this would create job for the locals.

5. Andaman Sea – Trang Sea is as beautiful and interesting as nearby provinces such as Krabi. The prominent tourist spots in Andaman Sea are Koh Libong, Koh Hai, etc.

6. Krabi – Although Railay beach in on the mainland, you still have to travel by boat from Ao Nang beach because it is surrounded by mountain and cannot get to by land transportation.

7. Pattaya – North Pattaya beach and Central Pattaya beach have many facilities but the true nature can be found at Koh Lan, which is 7.5 kilometer from Pattaya. You can get there in 45 minutes by regular boat and 15 minutes by speedboat.

8. Hua Hin – Hua Hin is a popular beach that is close to Bangkok but that does not mean that it is the most beautiful. Not far from Hua Hin, Pranburi beach is much quieter and more suitable for relaxation but the transportation may not be as convenience as at Hua Hin.

9. Koh Samet – You should contact travel agency or the hotel in order to find out which pier to get on the boat. Some hotels provide their own service. Don’t trust strangers because you might end up higher price.

10. Bangkok – Jatujak market has products from all over the country e.g. cloths, decoration, house hold items, souvenir, food, pet, etc.

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Vogue Resort Spa Ao Nang Hotels Krabi Thailand

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Are you looking out for a luxury boutique hotel that would inspire you with its mannerable outlook, stimulating designs, authentic cookery things, rebreezying chairs and great amusement? If your answer is yes, then press your bags and stay the lovely resort of the mode remedy and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi. The lovely limitedes along with the lush arrangements make it the best and the most favorite among destination among the lodges in Krabi in Thailand.

The trend option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi was previously identified as trend Pranang Bay option and Spa. The trend option and Spa Ao Nang in Krabi is a gorgeous resort situated on the crest amidst the spotless beauty of the makeup. The hotel is certainly accessible from the airport. The township is situated 17 kilometers from the hotel and the airport is 34 kilometers. The spot of trend option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi is close to the beaches. The trend option and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi overlooks the grimy seashore of AO Nang that can be sighted from the extent of the hotel.

The mode remedy and Spa lodge Ao Nang in Krabi is intended in a really Lanna manner which is really ensnaring. The hotel is skillfully crafted with lovely designs and is bordered with ardent attribute. reward the breezy air of the atmosphere as you elect to retreat in this magnificent hotel.

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Adventure in Thailand

Adventure takes many forms : a new relationship or job, sushi for the first time, or even a walk through an L.A. slum at 2 am on a Saturday night – all qualify.  

Webster’s dictionary defines adventure as “an exciting or remarkable experience.” It’s when we break out of our daily routine and dare to take on a new challenge, boldly going into territory that is unfamiliar to us.  

But most people, when they think of adventure, think of travel. And though pretty much the whole world has been explored before by other people (with Marco Polo setting the benchmark several hundred years ago), what matters is that it is your discovery. Adventure travel is a highly personal thing and what it teaches you about the vast world that surrounds you and its relationship to you is what makes it both worthwhile and essential.

This is probably why adventure travel keeps growing in popularity. In a world gone wrong, cluttered with technology, self-interested politicians, bureaucracy, greed and numerous other complications, it is crucial to get back to the basics of life and to set personal challenges that bring out the noble savage in us.

So remove yourself to another place, with strange people and customs, follow your nose, trust your instincts, and find a part of yourself you’d almost forgotten.

Thailand is an ideal location to live out these dreams – or alternate realities. With more than 25,000 square kilometers of national park land, islands, mountains, and a welcoming people, new and enlivening experiences are waiting for you to live them out.

Though there are endless adventures available here, two of the more popular possibilities involve going as high and as low as you can.

Scuba Diving : The Amphibian Within

There’s no getting around it. It’s programmed into our DNA that we are creatures of the sea, with a deep-seated desire to return to it. Meander aimlessly on thoughtful walk some lazy Sunday and your feet, of their own accord, will inevitably take you to the water – a lake, a pond, an ocean or a very large puddle – whatever is closest. We look out and yearn to return to our roots. Thanks to Jacques Cousteau, it is now possible, for a short time anyway, to return to the sea completely – for as long as the air in the tank lasts.

Thailand, with its countless beaches, coral reefs and modern dive schools is a popular spot to learn to scuba dive. Thousands of proud new divers earn their PADI international dive certificates every year.

It can be a bit scary at first – our instincts also tell us that we can’t breathe under water – but once you master the basic technicalities, there’s no experience like it. You have freedoms undreamed of by land dwellers. You are weightless, and can go left, right, forward backwards, up and down – and you are surrounded by colourful fish and plants. It’s another world down there.

But like anything worthwhile, it does take a bit of work and discipline to make your first dive. Over the course of a week or so, you take a step by step open water course to ensure maximum safety. You’ll start out in a classroom, studying buoyancy and pressure – you even have homework and exams to do (What? Homework at the beach?!!) This is combined with practice, starting in shallow water, learning to use the equipment getting comfortable with the idea – and soon you’re heading off to the open water by boat, working your way up to dives as deep as 18 meters. In less than a week, you are granted your certificate and can dive anywhere in the world unaccompanied – the beginning of a beautiful new friendship with the other two-thirds of the planet.  
Where to Go Under

With more than 3,000 km of coastline and countless islands, Thailand has enough dive sites to keep any enthusiast busy for a lifetime. Most divers head out from island and mainland areas on day trips, but it is also possible to explore more remote and less inhabited areas on liveaboard boats, heading out for several days at a time.

All of the places listed have several certified dive schools.

On the Gulf of Thailand side, or east coast of Thailand’s southern peninsula, the main diving area is in and around the Samui Archipelago, which includes the main islands of Koh Pa Ngan, the well-touristed Koh Samui, and Koh Tao, which is the country’s most popular diving island, featuring several coral reefs a short boat ride away.

On the Andaman Sea side, or west coast, are the islands of Phuket (the most popular holiday island in the country), Koh Phi Phi, the Krabi mainland, and the up-and-coming Koh Lanta.

Central Thailand’s south coast also has a few spots. Some divers base themselves in the wild nightlife town of Pattaya, but it’s a bit of a boat ride to the best dive sites. Heading east, almost to the Cambodian border is the Koh Chang National Marine Park, a group of more than 40 protected islands, surrounded by coral reefs.

Trekking : Because it’s there.

Thailand’s north is a gorgeous place where lushly vegetated mountains rise majestically from the earth – the tropical tail end of the Himalayan chain. For some mysterious reason mountains were made to be climbed. There seems to be an innate desire to struggle to peaks and look down on creation as if we were God almighty. When you are at a great height, taking in vast areas of creation in a single glance, the world, for a fleeting moment, belongs to you alone. In Thailand’s north, you can do just that, with the added bonus that along the way, you can rest overnight with Thailand’s hilltribe people. There are several different hilltribes, including the Akha, Meo, Lisu and Lahu – all with their own unique traditional lifestyle. These people migrated from Southern China into what until relatively recently was uninhabited territory less than two centuries ago, and set up shop as subsistence farmers.

Treks can run from two days to a week or more, as you hike through the jungle pathways on foot, by elephant (a daunting prospect at first), and by bamboo river raft, breathing fresh air, watching abundant wildlife and tiring your limbs, until you come upon the welcoming hilltribe village that you will call home for the night.

An evening with a Thai hilltribe is an unforgettable experience. After your hike, the food tastes fantastic, and along with the villagers you settle sit around the fire, singing songs and watching traditional dances – be prepared to do a number or two yourself from your home country.

After a few hours with these charming people, you may find yourself tempted to give up your career in accountancy, or whatever it is you do back home, shed yourself of all your possessions and live the simple life of honest hard work and a bowl of rice at the end of the day. Tempted, yes, but after a little reflection on the labours you have to put in for that rice bowl, you’ll probably opt to take home a few of the colourful handicrafts, and treasure your memories from the land of comfort from whence you came. Really, it’s better this way.

Trekking : Where to Start

Chiang Mai, in Thailand’s mountainous north was the original home of hilltribe trekking, but in recent years a few other places have gotten into the act. Chiang Mai itself is a relaxed city of about one million people, and the springboard to some great trekking locations, including Doi Inthanon National Park, which is the host to Thailand’s tallest peak at 2700 meters. The second city of trekking is the more somnambulant Chiang Rai, a bit further north. Both cities have very good airports and regular flights from Bangkok and elsewhere.

One young upstart in Thailand’s trekking world is Nan, northeast of Chiang Mai, and the coldest spot in Thailand (which is nonetheless pretty darn warm if it snows in your hometown). New luxury hotels have been popping up here recently, yet many of the hilltribes in this area are new to visitors – so it’s possible to enjoy the best of both worlds.

Also becoming popular is the charming little town of Pai, which has developed into a Bohemian arts center for disillusioned hippie folk from both Thailand and abroad. The town is in the valley, surrounded by evergreen and rugged mountains with several trekking trails and hidden waterfalls.

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