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Lanta Old Town Village


Lanta Old Town is small village in Thailand that used to serve as a major Asian sea port right up until about 50 years ago. Visitors who arrive at the village after sundown might believe that the city is in fact a deserted ghost town, but they will be in for a pleasant surprise.


It is early in the morning that this fishing town comes to life and people get up early to get the best catches of the day. It is during these hours that visitors to this town will see the busy day to day lives of the fishing community in Thailand


The residents of Lanta Old Town are extremely diverse and are made up of three different groups which are the Thai Muslims, Thai Chinese and the Gypsy people of the Urak Lawoi Clan. Because of this, the island serves as an interesting mix of cultures in an extremely harmonious nature. In fact this combination of cultures has co-existed for over 200 years, done business together and even intermarried in to each others cultures. This blend of different cultures is so much a part of the town that its residents consider everyone Thai first and their ethnic background second.


Lanta Old Town is an ideal spot to visit to discover the lives of local people as they live natural and non urbanized lives that offer a unique perspective in to a living style that cannot be seen everyday. This point becomes even more apparent when you realize that all the houses in the town are made out of wood.


When visiting this location stay in one of the Krabi luxury villas such as Langham Place Koh Lanta and easily access this truly unique destination that showcases a taste of life without all the modern amenities that people take for granted.


A Guide To Phuket, Thailand

You are virtually amidst the palm-lined ivory-white beaches fondled by crystal clear cerulean waters, under lazuline skies featuring captivating crimson sunsets, while in Phuket, floating in Southern Thailand, in the Andaman Sea. Well, the island certainly deserves to be nicknamed as the “pearl of the south” or “pearl of the Andaman”.

Phuket, the largest island of Thailand, has all the ingredients of a perfect vacation destination. Of course, the island has numerous exotic holiday resorts, elegant beachfront hotels, lovely vacation retreats hemmed in by puffed out palms, vivacious nightlife, bars, restaurants, and fine eateries, which make it the South’s finest, busiest, and the most visited holiday destination.

Enjoying hot and humid climate year around, Phuket is best for vacationing, from November to May. Summer monsoon season is rainy, but the island is still sunny and clear. The “cool” season runs from May to October, but weather is pretty tolerable. On the whole, the island is very much reminiscent of Florida’s summer weather.

Phuket is chiefly celebrated because of its snow-white palmy beaches. However, Thais view nudity as highly violative. Nudity is considered socially incorrect in Thailand. Still, Phuket beaches have their own charms. The beaches are really nice for swimming, diving, sailing, surfing, and numerous other beach activities. The western beaches are really good for surfing. The fine beaches of Phuket include Bang Tao, Surin Beach, Laem Singh Beach, Kamala Beach, Patong Beach, Karon Beach, Kata Yai Beach, Kata Noi Beach, Ao Chalong, and Rawai Beach.

Laem Singh Beach, located between Kamala Beach and Surin Beach, is mesmerizing place, particularly famous for its picturesque views. Kamala Beach, located just to the north of Patong, on the west coast of Phuket, is widely known for Phuket Fantasea show, a wonderful cultural theme park, and a Buddhist temple at the southern end of the beach. There is a small park with a tsunami monument at the middle of the beach. Patong Beach is known for its nightlife and after dark funs. Kata Yai Beach, a beautiful clean tourist beach, is nice place for surfing. And, Ao Chalong is home to the most popular yacht anchorage of the island.

Koh Yao Noi, one of the islands, located east of Phuket, halfway to Krabi, is another fine destination for tourists. The beautiful island is known for its four fine resorts including The Paradise Koh Yao Boutique Resort and Spa, Koh Yao Island Resort, Koh Yao Pavillion Resort, and the New Evason Hideaway. Phuket offers regular public boat services to Koh Yao Noi.

Phuket City however hasn’t much for tourists, but the Chinatown Area, with its several great Thai-style shopping facilities, and a few other sites can be visited. Some of the attractions include Jui Tui and Put Jaw Temples, Sino-Portuguese Mansions, Wat Mongkol Nimit, and Phuket Culture Museum.

Phuket can be accessed by air, road, or sea. Phuket International Airport is the main air gateway to the island. It’s located 32 miles from the centre of Phuket City, in the north of the Island. The island is also directly linked to the Thai mainland by a bridge.

Backpacking In Thailand

Planning a trip to Thailand appeals to travelers of all shapes, sizes and budgets because it is quite easy to navigate about the different cities and main attractions. The travel is also inexpensive, leaving you with more money to explore the booming silk industry, as well as the delicious cuisine. Thai food melds a combination of mind, body and soul into their spicy and sweet balanced meals, offering some of the best dishes in the world.

Why Thailand is So Popular

When planning a backpacking trip to Thailand, you may have heard of what attracts tourists to the various areas about the country. In the North, trekking through the mountains is quite popular. More than 300 temples can be located in the beautiful natural surroundings of Chiang Mai. Top-notch quality and inexpensive stays can be found at every corner, offering flavorful food and interesting shopping outlets.

As a backpacker, you will find an abundance of places to stay at in the area, including Julie’s Guesthouse. At this establishment, you will be able to sign up for a couple of days trekking through the jungle that features lovely views and a first-hand look at how the locals thrive. To avoid getting hit by the monsoon rains, plan an adventure for this area between the months of October and April.

Central Thailand brings the allure of Bangkok, which overflows with shopping, addicting cuisine, palaces and temples. The Chao Phraya River provides a great scene to explore. Main attractions to consider include the Royal Palace, the Wats and Chinatown, as well as the Chatuchak Weekend Market. Notable festivals can be experienced in Ayuthaya, where scenic riverside gardens await in Sukhothai. The endless possibilities for exploration are mind-boggling. The islands of Southern Thailand bring you closer to white sands and warm waters. The largest of the bunch is called Phuket, where other notable selections include the Phi Phi Islands and the waterfalls of Krabi.


Many tourists enjoy the overall aspect of Thailand nightlife. This is one of the main reasons a large amount of travelers backpack throughout the country: nature, culture, food and fun. If it’s a good time you’re looking for, try the many go-go and beer bars in Pattaya, as well as Chaweng Beach (Ko Samui) that parties into the wee hours of the night. Koh Phangan is the site where thousands of locals and tourists gather to celebrate by the light of the full moon. It’s a world famous beach party that never seems to end, offered once every month. It is one of the best places to experience the food, drink and dance of Thailand island life in an event that literally rocks the senses.

The law of the land states that bars and nightclubs close at 2 in the morning when visiting Bangkok, but there is always somewhere to go, whether it’s just a delicious restaurant tucked away on a side street. The largest area to explore is called Patpong, which provides three streets to explore. For more information on the ins and outs of Thailand, check out the latest information posted on

Travel Asia – A Popular Choice for Travelers

The largest as well as the most populous continents in the world – Asia is a land of diversity with a multitude of geographies, cultures, and people. Occupying an area of about 9% of the total area of the earth’s surface, Asia is home to more than five billion people.

In other words, Asia consists of more than 60% of the world’s overall population. As a tourist destination, Asia boasts of a feast of attractions in the form of traditional cities, ancient monuments with superb architecture, museums and art galleries that throw light on the history of the place, incredible wild life, scenic mind blowing attractions, and attractions that are a blend of both east and west.

There are also a range of vibrant attractions, covering action packed beaches, bargain shopping areas, and exuberant nightclubs. Equally remarkable is the sumptuous cuisines available here, each of which is a representation of different cultures. In fact, the world’s majority of tourist attractions are found in Asia. Discussed further in this article are some of the most popular tourist attractions in Asia.

The continent of Asia is home to such incredible destinations as India, China, Japan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and Philippines. Asia has such a great number of attractions that even a year is not enough to explore them all. For those who want to explore a range of rich culture and topography and at the same time interested in recreational pursuits, then one of the most suitable options would be to take a tour to India. Stunning beaches, gorgeous monuments, ancient temples, and lively cities, all sum up the attractions of India. Attractions, among many others, in India are Red Fort and Qutab Minar in Delhi, Taj Mahal, one of the world’s seven wonders, Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh, Elephanta Caves in Mumbai, Ajanta and Ellora Caves in Aurangabad, and Kerala’s backwaters.

For those interested in exploring the pristine beauty as well as the ancient wonders, perhaps the greatest of all attractions in Asia would be China, which boasts of such lively destinations as Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Beijing, all of with loads of mind blowing attractions. Most popular among the attractions in China are the Great Wall, the Forbidden City, Terracotta Warriors, Potala Palace, West Lake, and Mogao Grottos. Another much sought after tourist destination in Asia is Japan, which is acknowledged as the Land of the Rising Sun. It features attractions such as Nara Park, Kyoto’s Higashiyama area, Kin Osaki, Himeji Castle, and Takayama in Gifu. With attractions such as Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam is also an incredible spot in Asia.

Popular countries in Asia also include the Kingdom of Thailand, which is probably the number one tourist destination in South-East Asia. What that set apart Thailand from other spots in Asia is its breathtaking natural beauty, stunning temples, gorgeous island destinations, stupendous monuments, healthy cuisines, and above all presence of amicable Thai people.

Just few among many of the attractions in Thailand are Bangkok, the capital city; Ayutthaya, which is much famed for its Gothic ruins; Chiang-Mai, bestowed with the title ‘Rose of the North,’ Krabi, which is a paradise for enjoying a range of water sport activities; and Pattaya, one of the best resorts in Asia. Also, a tourist spot in South-East Asia is Singapore, which is an island destination situated at the Malay Peninsula’s southern tip. Singapore Botanic Gardens, Singapore Discovery Center, Little India, and China Town, are some of the Singapore’s landmarks.

Southeast Asia also contains incredible destinations such as Indonesia – the largest archipelagic nation in the world; Malaysia, with attractions like Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya; Philippines, with more than 7000 islands; and Burma, which is the largest country in Southeast Asia. Other top places of interest in Asia are Sri Lanka – an island destination located off the southern tip of India; Afghanistan, with a rich as well as complex history; Maldives, which consists of more than 1,000 coral islands in the Indian Ocean; Uzbekistan, one of the most popular destinations in Central Asia; Kyrgyzstan, which is probably the most popular tourist spot in Central Asia; and Bangladesh, which has to its credit a number of ancient palaces, magnificent Buddhist shrines, and beautiful monuments.

In short, Asia is truly a dream destination for every traveler.

Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Thailand

Thailand located in South East Asia is a hidden gem for those seeking a vacation destination. Bangkok for instance is popular amongst American’s but there are other places and sights in Thailand to behold. Each region has something new and exciting to offer its visitors. We will be going through some of the different locations and aspects that make Thailand a great vacation get away.

Food Menu: The Asian cuisine is quite popular around the world so finding the types of foods you are already familiar with in Thailand won’t be difficult. In fact, this gives visitors a chance to have complete authentic Asian dishes they way they were intended to be prepared. Get your chopsticks out and feast on various dishes often prepared with lots of herbs and spices.

If you would like to keep your preexisting taste buds while you are in Thailand, check with your hotel before you make reservations to see if they provide dishes from your native land. Many hotels cater to visitors coming from specific places and they do cook accordingly.

Cities: There are many cities in Thailand that can serve as vacation getaways. Below is a list of the cities in Thailand.

1. Ayutthaya

2. Bangkok

3. Chantaburi

4. Chiang Mai

5. Chiang Rai

6. Chonburi

7. Chumphon

8. Hat Yai

9. Hua Hin / Cha-am

10. Kamphaengphet

11. Kanchanaburi

12. Khao Lak (Phang Nga)

13. Khao Yai

14. Khon Kaen

15. Koh Chang / Trad

16. Koh Kood / Trad

17. Koh Lanta (Krabi)

18. Koh Mak / Trad

19. Koh Phangan (Suratthani)

20. Koh Phi Phi (Krabi)

21. Koh Samet / Rayong

22. Koh Tao (Suratthani)

23. Krabi

24. Lampang

25. Lamphun

26. Loei

27. Lopburi

28. Mae Hong Son

29. Nakhon Sawan

30. Nakhon Si Thammarat

31. Nakhonratchasima

32. Nakorn Pathom

33. Nan

34. Narathiwat

35. Nonthaburi

36. Pattaya

37. Petchaboon

38. Phitsanuloke

39. Phrae

40. Phuket

41. Prachinburi

42. Prachuab Khiri Khan

43. Ranong

44. Samui

45. Saraburi

46. Satun

47. Songkhla

48. Sukhothai

49. Suratthani

50. Surin

51. Tak

52. Trad

53. Trang

54. Ubonratchathani

55. Udonthani

56. Uthai Thani

57. Uttaradit

Buddhist Temples: There are several Buddhist temples one could stop out when in Thailand. In reality there are over 30,000 ranging in size and splendor. The Marble Temple (Wat Benchamabophit), in Bangkok was beautifully constructed using white marble by King Rama V. Another is the Wat Phra Buddhabat located in the Saraburi Province. This temple has a two-meter footprint enshrined in a mondop from the Buddha. This is a very popular location amongst tourist many of which come to Thailand just to visit and make pilgrimages to Wat Phra Buddhabat.

Language Barriers: The Chinese, Malay, Lao, and Mon-Khmer languages are all commonly spoken throughout Thailand. Bangkok Thai is the predominate language though so make sure you brush up before making your journey. Of course there are always places where English is spoken and is in wide use.

However you may have to go out of your way to find them. Making phone calls, going online and asking directions can be a headache when dealing with language issues. Check with your hotel for language friendly areas in Thailand were your particular language is openly spoken.

Weather Patterns: Be advised and pack accordingly. Thailand has a rainy season that begins in June and goes all the way into October that may include torrential rains. Mountain climbing in places such as Khao Sok National Park in southern Thailand or the highest mountain in Thailand, Doi Inthanon can be difficult if not dangerous to climb during the rainy season. Aside from the rain the rest of the year normally brings mild to hot weather from November to May.

Wonderful Scuba Diving Vacations in Phuket Islands

If your vacations have started and you are planning where to go, then a visit to the Thailand islands can be a very good choice. When you visit the Thailand islands you will surely witness the incredible and the dramatic scenery, manifestation of island’s charm, white sandy beaches teat are lined with big coconut tropical trees and absolutely crystal clear turquoise ocean.

The exotic appeal of the Thailand islands will definitely make you crave for more of its presence and beauty. The best way you can explore the Thailand islands is via boarding the Chartered Yachts. The Chartered Yachts make sure that you behold the best of the views and enjoy the Thailand trip to the maximum possible.

Major Thailand Islands

There are a lot of beautiful and exotic Thailand islands that you can visit and have fun at, but certainly a few of them are far more popular than the rest of them. These islands have amazing recreational activities, great sites for water sports, scuba diving opportunities, snorkeling, sailing, and a lot more. These islands also have amazing restaurants, which offer awesome cuisines, lovely beaches to relax upon and bask in the sun, incredible nightlife, and picturesque beauty. The major Thailand islands include the Phuket islands, Phi Phi islands, Similan islands, Surin islands, and Krabi islands.

Phuket Island

They are the most famous Thailand islands and innumerable visitors come here each year. They have scenic beauty, incredible restaurants, great water sports, and exotic beaches. In fact, the nightlife of these islands is especially famous.

Phi Phi Island

Phi Phi islands are a real attraction for many of the tourists. They are located in Krabi province of the land of Thailand. The white and sandy beaches of the island are a sheer joy and provide utter relaxation. It consists of basically two Thailand islands, the Phi Phi Don and the Phi Phi Ley. Phi Phi Don can provide with really good accommodation facilities and amazing sports activities like the snorkeling and the scuba diving. Guided tours are also available here. Phi Phi Ley island is yet uninhabited.

Similan Islands

They comprise of overall nine islands that attract a lot of divers and the non-divers both. It is so because Similan Islands are believed to be among the best spots in the world for diving. People who are not into diving can enjoy the jungle treks and the breathtakingly beautiful oceanic sceneries.

Surin Islands

You will find these Thailand islands just near Burmese border. These are a five-island chain and have an incredible marine life. In fact, you can also see the sharks here along with manta rays. The islands are also famous for having some of the great hiking places and amazing plant and animal life.

Krabi Islands

Krabi islands are rightly called as the most relaxing places of the world at times. It has absolutely stunning scenery, great sandy beaches, and thick jungles with towering cliffs of limestone, waterfalls, caves, and really exotic wildlife. It has coastline with about 200 islands.

The most beautiful places youve traveled to

Krabi, Thailand

Imagine this You are lying on a blanket of desert-white sand; your toes are playing with the soft laps of the warm turquoise sea water; you tilt your head slightly forward and admire the views of the limestone rock formations jutting out from the sea water; and think of the much anticipated walk you will shortly take to visit the blue lagoon in the neighbouring rainforest. There is simply nothing further from your mind.

Do you remember the film The Beach’ starring Leonard Di Caprio? Do you remember wishing you could swim in the clear crystal waters, lie on the powder-soft white sand, traipse through the lush rainforest, admire the exotic wildlife and bathe under the cool waterfalls? I do and I experienced it in Krabi.

All island cliches perfectly converge in Krabi, making it resonate in my mind as the most beautiful and striking location I have ever been fortunate enough to visit. If you are after visiting one of the most striking natural locations allowing you to leave every-day stresses at the airport, then Krabi is the island to visit. It is simply and utterly pure bliss.

Need To Honeymoon Destination Thailand

The best course of action to take sometimes isn’t clear until you’ve listed and considered your alternatives. The following paragraphs should help clue you in to what the experts think is significant.

Bangkok, the city of angles or ‘Krungthep’,was established in 1782 by King Rama I. The very charm of the city, indeed the whole country, is its antiquity combined with rapid modernisation. Amidst sealed skyscrapers nestle the old pagodas of the many ‘wats’ or temples. Roadside Buddhas ,exist and profilerate, ensuring handy outless for joss-sticks and flower offerings, food and shawls. The more the offerings, the more fervent the prayer of the devotee…

Roadside stalls and shops jostle for space with these Buddhas along with food vendors-on pushcarts, on little stools, on stands, in baskets carried on a pole across the shoulders. Fruit and flower sellers stand at every corner.

Aromatic cooked rice in leaf or plastic packets are sold even in mini supermarkets, with the smell an intergral part of the atmosphere of Thailand. Seafood predominates-with a rich chilli flavour. Indians and vegetarians need not fear for there are plenty of Indian hotels in the city. In fact an Indian would instantly feel at home, wandering around the crowded city-the people are friendly and one even finds roadside cobblers here, unlike the posh Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. And best of all Indians are glorified as tourists here for they do a lot of shopping and the Thai economy practically rests on tourism.

A honeymoon couple would be advised to go on a pre-booked package with a reputed hotel. Bel Aire Princes is a fabulous hotel, expensive and luxurious. It also serves small variety of Indian food in the evenings. The Indra Regent area has many Indian enteries too. The package ensures a visit to the Wat Arun, the Golden Buddha temple, the Reclining Buddha, the Emerald Buddha and the City Palace. Most of these sights will be familiar to the Indian movie goer, for Bangkok has become a popular movie location.

City tours include a visit to the rose garden, the gem cutting centre and a silk factory.

Thailand is famous for its gemstones and silver jewellery, both certain to bring stars to a bride’s eyes. Chinatown is a lovely area to walk through, filled with flowers and produce. Food is a delight here.

Truthfully, the only difference between you and Honeymoon experts is time. If you’ll invest a little more time in reading, you’ll be that much nearer to expert status when it comes to Honeymoon.

Clothes are cheap as labour costs are low. Thai’mumdee’ silk or tye and dyed silk is a specially, a must-buy for most women. As for readymades, Prathunam Market is a near paradise, a whole busy enclave on Ratchprarop Road. Here are located fashion houses like Armani and Versace. But never mind them, right below their regal noses one can purchase fine imitations, complete with logo, in the open sir stall of Prathunam. The garments are churned out in the closed markets behind with sewing machines busy round the clock. ‘How many do you want?’ asks the friendly shopkeeper when I ask the price of a Boss Shirt. he laughs when I ask for just two, more used to Indians buying in bulk.

A walk along Soi 3,4 and 5 leads to Akbar, and Indian restaurant, serving good Mughlai food. Along the Sois are open air stalls selling handicrafts, clothes, cloisonne, wood masks, blue pottery, the unique metal turquoise painted Thai musician fingurines, watches-all fake, toys,VCDs. All remain open till 11p.m.

Patpong and silom-these are the famous night bazaars of Bangkok, where life begins only after 10p.m. Food-one can eat a variety of Thai food on the pavements or go into the Western food joints, pubs and bars here. Massage parlours have women standing outside, enticing unwary tourists. Heading out of the city is an option to go to Pattaya, a 2hour trip to a beach town. Pattaya is a strange place with a sightly seedy promenade where Indians are not advised to venture after dark. The cabaret show and a trip to Coral Island so it is only worth it if you are into snorkeling and water scooters. Perhaps a place best avoided by the romantic couple. For those with a sun and water fixation, islands like Krabi, Kochi Samui, Phuket, etc. are geared to be ideal resorts. Rafting and canoeing, other than just sunbathing, are sufficient thrills here-with the knowledge that Leonardo di Caprio sunbathed here as an added attraction!

A trip to Kanchanaburi, about 128 kms away, is good for nature lovers and would ensure a less crowded and more romantic scenario. The Death Railway and the Bridge on the River Kwai are, of course, not to be missed here. But the best part of a visit to Thailand is a trip to the Floating Market-about 2 hours away in Ratchaburi. Tours start early in the morning, in order to reach there well before the boats come out. One is put in the water in a long launch for a leisurely ride in the canals for about 1 1/2 hours. Old homes jut above the banks, with daily chores and baths conducted in the streams.

And then suddenly, at a turning, one sees scores of long open boats coming at you, each with one person at the helm, mostly women. And the boats are piled high with produce-hot food, fresh vegetables, etc. Breakfast is served like never before! The boat comes along and jars alongside, the old women boats sturdy enough to ram into each other. business is conducted over the water, and selling and buying has never been so charming. After the ride, the banks lined with handicraft shops entice one to buy cheap blue pottery, pewter and clothes. Romantic keepsakes will not make a deephole in the pocket here.

If going about the city on one’s own-the MRT or the lovely little tuktuk (autolike vehicle) driven merrily with scant regard for rules are safe methods of transport and cheap. In the throng of Bangkok’s traffic which turns to five packed lanes on an expressway, the tuktuk is sure to make rapid headway. And for that shopping stroll, the only way to cross the road is to do as the Thais do- hold up you hand to stop the flow and sash across.

With so many spots so soaked in romance,Bangkok is a great honeymoon destination-with a little extra honey making further lovely spots within one’s reach. Best to avoid the place in April though, when the heat touches a sizzling 42, fizzling out romance!

If you’ve picked some pointers about Honeymoon that you can put into action, then by all means, do so. You won’t really be able to gain any benefits from your new knowledge if you don’t use it.

Best international destinations for the US dollar

As the US dollar getting weaker against the Euro , planning a vacation in Europe would be very costly and you wont get value for your dollar,comparing to planning a vacation in Asia. The dollar still holding up well against most major Asian currency though not as strong as before but is still worth to travel to many parts of Asia to explore the many different cultures and taking in many gorgeous sights like the seven wonders of Asia.They are the great wall of China , Forbidden city , Mount Everest , Taj Mahal , Angkor Wat etc. China with a long history would be interesting to visit as you get to track up the great wall of China and airfare nowadays from the United States to China is reasonably cheap if you book early. Less then 500 US dollars just to travel to China. If ancient or historical sights dont interest you as you want a relaxing summer holiday with lots of sunshine , beaches , spa or massage to relax your mind and soul and lift your spirit then Thailand or Bali will be an ideal destinations.

With many gorgeous beaches to choose in Thailand like Phuket ,koh Samui ,Krabi and Phi Phi island or Hua Hin for golf. The white sandy beaches of Thailand are the main reason many tourist come to visit and also they get the value for their dollars. You get to renew your body and soul with the many spa resorts in Thailand or if sun bathing to get a good tan or playing water sports , tennis appeal to you , you may do so and it doesnt cost much to participate in all these sports. Also you get to taste Thai food which is one of the well known crusine in Asia. This vacation will be one of the best deal and value for your US dollar.

Another relaxing vacation by the beach will be Bali in Indonesia. This island has everything to offer to tourists. The beautiful sandy beach , tropical rain forests , beautiful temples and palaces , towering volcanoes , gorgeous golf courses. You can also enjoy all the relaxing massage and spa or try surfing against the waves , tanning and sipping cocktails and enjoying Indonesian crusine. The exchange rate between the Indonesian Rupiah and the US dollar allow

tourists to get value for their lodging and food in Bali. You enjoy great food , inexpensive hotel rooms , massages and spa and entertainment at very reasonable cost.

Taking into all this Asian cultures , sights and sound and places to explore and yet wont make you spend alot of money , currently the best deal for your US dollar.