Lanta Yai – a Paradise for Your Indulgence


If you are looking for a secluded desert island, with lush green vegetation, pristine beaches and a aqua marine ocean then you don’t have to look to far off the Thai coast. Ko Lanta Yai which is located near the Andaman Islands on the Andaman Sea fit the description of thousands of romantic movie settings and would even make Daniel Defoe re-script “Robinson Crusoe.” Despite being close to the Phi Phi Islands off the west of Thailand the islands are for administrative purposes classified under Krabi Province. It is just a classification though, for once you arrive here all ties with the outside world are severed and all that remains is you and the deep blue ocean.

Despite its miniscule proportions (its only 30 km long and 6 km across), the Lanta Yai Island offers a diverse range of recreational activities to indulge in. It is popular for scuba diving as the rock and coral formations around the island serve as a home for many species of marine life. Experiencing a ride on a traditional Thai Long tail boat is also something no tourists should miss; nothing can beat rowing out to the vast expansive ocean and being so close to nature.

Lanta Yai is mostly frequented by tourists who want to get away from the crowded party oriented beaches of Phuket and are instead searching for a more relaxed, laid back holiday. Due to its popularity among a niche market the island’s are extremely peaceful and non-commercialized; no red light districts or night clubs here!

As described earlier Lanta Yai is not the place to head to if you are looking rollicking nightlife or crowded night clubs. None the less a couple of more laid back night time pursuits can be enjoyed here, the island boasts of a wide variety of restaurants. They can range from banana pancake joints to fully fledged gourmet restaurants; many of them offer breathtaking locations right on the beach itself. A couple of laid back bars and pubs can also be found around the Lanta Yai Harbour and also in most hotels.

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