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Best international destinations for the US dollar

As the US dollar getting weaker against the Euro , planning a vacation in Europe would be very costly and you wont get value for your dollar,comparing to planning a vacation in Asia. The dollar still holding up well against most major Asian currency though not as strong as before but is still worth to travel to many parts of Asia to explore the many different cultures and taking in many gorgeous sights like the seven wonders of Asia.They are the great wall of China , Forbidden city , Mount Everest , Taj Mahal , Angkor Wat etc. China with a long history would be interesting to visit as you get to track up the great wall of China and airfare nowadays from the United States to China is reasonably cheap if you book early. Less then 500 US dollars just to travel to China. If ancient or historical sights dont interest you as you want a relaxing summer holiday with lots of sunshine , beaches , spa or massage to relax your mind and soul and lift your spirit then Thailand or Bali will be an ideal destinations.

With many gorgeous beaches to choose in Thailand like Phuket ,koh Samui ,Krabi and Phi Phi island or Hua Hin for golf. The white sandy beaches of Thailand are the main reason many tourist come to visit and also they get the value for their dollars. You get to renew your body and soul with the many spa resorts in Thailand or if sun bathing to get a good tan or playing water sports , tennis appeal to you , you may do so and it doesnt cost much to participate in all these sports. Also you get to taste Thai food which is one of the well known crusine in Asia. This vacation will be one of the best deal and value for your US dollar.

Another relaxing vacation by the beach will be Bali in Indonesia. This island has everything to offer to tourists. The beautiful sandy beach , tropical rain forests , beautiful temples and palaces , towering volcanoes , gorgeous golf courses. You can also enjoy all the relaxing massage and spa or try surfing against the waves , tanning and sipping cocktails and enjoying Indonesian crusine. The exchange rate between the Indonesian Rupiah and the US dollar allow

tourists to get value for their lodging and food in Bali. You enjoy great food , inexpensive hotel rooms , massages and spa and entertainment at very reasonable cost.

Taking into all this Asian cultures , sights and sound and places to explore and yet wont make you spend alot of money , currently the best deal for your US dollar.

Take a Tour to Krabi for an Unforgettable Vacation

Krabi is an outstanding destination, situated about 800 kilometers south of Bangkok, in Thailand. This enchanting resort is regarded as one of the most relaxing destinations on the earth. With more than 200 large as well as small islands dotted in the Andaman Sea, Krabi is much famed for its dramatic scenery and stunning landscape consisting of rich natural resources, beautiful forested areas, scintillating waterfalls, white sandy beaches, mysterious caves, swaying coconut palms, superb coral reefs, soaring limestone cliffs, magnificent coves and bays, and aqua blue color waters.

One of the country’s oldest settlements, Krabi has now become one of the top sea resorts in Thailand. No matter you are an adventurer, fun-lover, honeymooners, history buffs, beach bums, water sport lovers, devotees, or eco-tourists, Krabi presents superb options to cater to every type of tourists.

Points of interest, among many others, in Krabi, are Wat Khlong Thom Museum, showcasing excavated items such as ancient bronze and stone tools; Than Bokkharani National Park, which is a great spot for picnics and swimming; Khao Phanom Bencha National Park, boasting of several beautiful spots including picturesque waterfalls and caves; Mu Koh Lanta Marine National Park, whose area is inclusive of Lanta Island, apart from several small isles; Khao Phra – Bang Kram Wildlife Sanctuary, which is home to some rare species of flora and fauna; Tham Sua Kao Kaeo Ao Luk Tanu Monastery, located on the foothills of the Ao Luk Tanu Mountains; and Ao Nang, which is noted for its stupendous limestone hills.

Krabi is also especially noted for its stupendous white sandy beaches, such as, Tham Pranang Beach, which is one of the world’s best scuba diving sites; Pranang Beach, which is set against the backdrop of towering limestone cliffs; Railay Beach, a beautiful area which is divided into two sections including East Hat Railay and West Hat Railay; Klong Kaon, an extremely tranquil spot; Yao Beach, also known as Long Beach; Hin Khao Beach, one of the most isolated beaches in the area; and Laem Tong, bestowed with breathtaking surroundings.

With these wealths of incredible beaches, Krabi is truly an adventure playground, and provides visitors opportunities to indulge in an array of water sporting as well as adventure activities. For instance, excellent options are available for rock climbers in Railey, which is often acknowledged as the country’s rock climbing capital.

Sea kayaking is another popular activity that can be enjoyed in Krabi, with a number of hongs or caverns that are carved out of limestone cliffs. With such superb dive sites as Koh Rok Nok, the Phi Phi Islands, Bamboo Island, and Koh Dam, Krabi is really a haven for scuba diving. Further, the excellent options to take scuba diving lessons, with a continuum of dive shops offering economic scuba accreditation, mostly with PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors.) Apart from these, Krabi also provides excellent facilities for activities such as snorkeling, game fishing, swimming, sailing, parasailing, canoeing, and sea kayaking.

However, the activities that can be enjoyed in Krabi are not just confined to water sport activities. For instance, golfers can take advantage of the Pakasai Country Club, which is just about 20 miles south of Krabi. Likewise, excellent facilities are also available in Krabi to enjoy activities such as mountain biking.

In addition, the destination features a plethora of spa establishments, where you can go for a rejuvenating spa massage or a soothing herbal treatment. These establishments generally render spa treatments in elegantly appointed pavilions that overlook fantastic scenery of the place. Also, superb dining options are available in the place.

In short, Krabi has everything for a fun-filled as well as unforgettable vacation. Hence, it is not a wonder why Krabi is frequented by people from every nook and corner of the place. A range of accommodation options are made available in Krabi to suit the taste and budget of travelers.

For those seeking ultimate privacy, no other accommodation options in Krabi could outshine villas, replete with top end facilities and amenities. A villa is usually a single detached or free standing structure, and would be mostly located in beach areas. Based on the tastes and budget of tourists, a variety of villas are available such as western style villas, family villas, honeymoon villas, and beachside villas.

Nowadays, many of the villa providers in the scenario provide services in the form of packages, covering airport transfers, facilities for sightseeing, rental cars, rental equipments for enjoying different water sport activities, and services of daily maid and gardener. There are also some service providers that render special discounts when you make bookings of a particular villa or during a stipulated time period.