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Lanta Old Town Village


Lanta Old Town is small village in Thailand that used to serve as a major Asian sea port right up until about 50 years ago. Visitors who arrive at the village after sundown might believe that the city is in fact a deserted ghost town, but they will be in for a pleasant surprise.


It is early in the morning that this fishing town comes to life and people get up early to get the best catches of the day. It is during these hours that visitors to this town will see the busy day to day lives of the fishing community in Thailand


The residents of Lanta Old Town are extremely diverse and are made up of three different groups which are the Thai Muslims, Thai Chinese and the Gypsy people of the Urak Lawoi Clan. Because of this, the island serves as an interesting mix of cultures in an extremely harmonious nature. In fact this combination of cultures has co-existed for over 200 years, done business together and even intermarried in to each others cultures. This blend of different cultures is so much a part of the town that its residents consider everyone Thai first and their ethnic background second.


Lanta Old Town is an ideal spot to visit to discover the lives of local people as they live natural and non urbanized lives that offer a unique perspective in to a living style that cannot be seen everyday. This point becomes even more apparent when you realize that all the houses in the town are made out of wood.


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